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We are a group of Salesforce platform enthusiasts. We have gained our experience during the largest Salesforce implementations in the world. We have been supporting companies in the development of CRM systems for over a decade. Whether you are a small family company or an international corporation, our mission is to help in the adaptation of cloud solutions for your business.


Years of experience with Salesforce implementation.

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Sebastian Kuberski


For 12 yrs close to IT where 8 yrs with Salesforce platform experience. Active participation in implementation and development of the Salesforce platform in the largest international organizations. Always close to technology and the team, as a developer, team leader and architect. The experience gathered in this way is used when conducting projects on the Salesforce platform at every stage.

Jarosław Kondrat


I’m a Salesforce passionate with 10+ years of experience in industries like Pharmaceutical, Industry, Education, Financial or Nonprofit/NGO.
After a few years as a J2EE developer I had a chance to try something new – CRM. During the first years I got to know systems like MS-Dynamics or Siebel CRM and then I discovered Salesforce. And boom, that was it.
Since then I have evolved from a developer, through to Dev Lead and Technical Architect. I was lucky to work for the largest Salesforce clients in the industry, listed under the Fortune500.
Working with such clients made a lot of challenges but also a great deal of knowledge for most of Salesforce products and technologies.

Bartosz Borowiec


Salesforce  Enterprise Architect focused on building bridges between business and technology. 14 Years practice including 8 years hand-on experience with  Salesforce.  Specialized in designing integration and cross platform/cross application business processes analysis and optimization. 


  • RProcess and needs analysis
  • Collecting business requirements
  • Analyze if Salesforce is the right technology for you
  • Preparation of a prototype of the solution
  • Cost estimate for implementation and maintenance
  • RImplementations
  • Platform configuration
  • Implementation of new functionalities
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment
  • RMigration and adoption from other CRMs to Salesforce


  • RSupport and maintenance of your platform
  • RImplementation of new functionalities
  • RPerformance profiling - Audit
  • RIntegration with external systems
  • RManaged services
  • RSubstantive HR support in recruitment
  • RDevOps support


  • RTeam training (online / onsite)
  • RBootcamps - for those who want to start their adventure with Salesforce
  • RWorkshops - for practitioners



Medical center

B2B and B2C customer support system for telemedicine services (audio/video)


#Community cloud, #Telco 

Process automation

Adapting Salesforce platform to support Complete network lifecycle management from a single global provider.

#Service cloud, #Sales cloud, #Integration

Custom billing

Improvements for custom billing application integrated with custom CPQ


#Sales cloud, #Integration, #Billing, #CPQ

Data processing

Created integration api for consuming and processing data from TraX via Dell Boomi


#Sales cloud, #Integration, #Custom Solutions


Automatic reflection of organisational structure in Salesforce (Masterdata)


#Integration, #Devops

Mobile application

A system that supports sales representatives in developing and nurturing relationships with medical personnel.


#Sales cloud, #Mobile

Tailor-made Salesforce integration

Development of ”tailored” data bus connecting several Salesforce instances and other applications such as databases, call recording systems e.t.c


#Sales cloud, #Telco, #Integration

Developing Salesforce integration with marketing systems

Integration of Salesforce with a lead scoring system to determine the potential of leads and to direct sales representatives to the leads with the highest sales potential.


#Integration, #Sales cloud

Non-governmental organisation

Maintenance and expansion of the NGOs’ system related to humanitarian aid.


#Devops, #Service cloud

Client portal integration

Maintenance of integration layer between Salesforce and client portal hosted on external systems

#Service cloud, #Sales cloud, #Integration, #CPQ, #BIlling

Instore selling

Improvement for marketing automation app that support sales reps and managers on daily basis


#Sales cloud, #Integration

Integration with a map system

Integration Salesforce with MapAnything platform for route planning


#Sales cloud, #Service cloud, #Integration

Recording of sales representatives’ calls

Salesforce integration with an external system to record and track phone conversations between sales representatives and potential clients.


#Integration, #Telco, #Sales cloud, #Service cloud

Aggregation of Medical Insurance in SF

Salesforce integration with systems that aggregate information about patients’ medical policies in the U.S. to help find ways to fund genetic drug treatments.


#Service Cloud, #Integration

SF implementation in a company that sells trainings

Salesforce implementation and CMS integration in a company selling training (onsite and online)

#Integration, #Sales cloud

Audit / Supervision

Supervision and audit of the solutions provided by an external vendor.


#Sales Cloud, #Audit, #Custom solution




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